Yet another wedding…I cried

I think it runs in the family. My mum cries at weddings, my sister too. Obviously, I do. 

Today (plus yesterday), we had another wedding in our family. It was especially emotional because it felt like another baby of the family is all grown up. 

We are a group of cousins who grew up together at our dearest ah bo’s house. But since a couple of the aunts moved to the northeast and as we grow up, we grew apart a little. However, Every year on CNY, our grandparents’ 忌日s, we would gather and talk and ‘suan’ each other. We are close, but sometimes it didn’t feel that close. 

Von is one of the babies among us. Always the good girl, always the sensible and sensitive one. But she is also a very strong girl who stands up for herself when she got ‘bullied’ by us (or rather, her brother only). I have always felt she has the prettiest eyes among us – the 大美人

She and her hub, ZM probably has the longest courtship. A decade! And one of puppy love that started in JC aka high school — we all love just that, don’t we? They are really one cute couple. 

Yesterday and today they had their customary wedding and wedding reception respectively. What makes it slightly more special was the fact that I had the chance to help them a bit in the wedding — the gowns!! Other than being happy and thankful, there was this feeling of 不舍得. I think my parents, too, felt that. My father was funny. He kept asking, ‘Ah Von 到底几岁?‘ I guess, it finally hit them too that, the next group of us has all grown up. Yes, to my parents, my cousins, are like their kids too. 

Daughters getting married is always a tough fact for parents to swallow, somewhat. I can truly understand that now for I have two girls too. Yes, indeed, in today’s world, there’s really not much of a difference…but somehow, it will still hit us when the time comes. 

Weddings make me cry almost all the time. But this wedding I cried the most (but thank goodness I had good mascara). Ah Von’s honesty and courage touches me alot. 

All I wish now is simply, happiness for the both of you and ZM, I mean it when I said ‘You’d better treat Von well or I will get you with the clan behind me….’ 




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