~BB Kay’s Diary~ Potty training

Mama has been fretting over my lack interest in getting potty trained. Papa also said that I won’t be able to go to disneyland if I am not potty trained (because on our last trip, both meimei and my diapers leaked inflight when touching down — both ways!). So, the ‘disneyland carrot’ was dangled in front of me since June last year. Tempting it was indeed. And mama tried all ways with me – ‘soft’, ‘hard’, ‘harsh’, ‘reward’, ‘punishment’ etc. But to no avail at all. She kinda gave up until school reopened this year when my teachers and many of mama’s friends suggested that I should be diaper-free when I am home so that I can get used to the idea.

Interestingly, accidents were quite minimal as my diaper-free time was quite short and limited. Then one day (16 January 2013), I decided to give it a try. That fateful day, I had a sudden urge to go when mama was bathing meimei. So, I shouted, ‘Mama I need to ‘嘘嘘!’. Auntie came to help me as mama couldn’t leave meimei. I went to the potty and weeeeeeeeeeeeee……. I was so excited that I had to show mama the potty! And I totally reminded mama of her her disneyland promise.

Today is another happy day for me and mama. Not because it’s Valentine’s day. I did my poo poo in the big potty! When the first ‘ponk’ was heard, mama gave me a big smile and a thumb’s up! I just couldn’t stop shouting, ‘I did it!’x 1000000000 times.

Looks like mama and papa can’t run away from their ‘disneyland carrot’. But I am sure they are more than happy to bring us for my potty training was pretty fast and major-accident-free. As one of mama’s friends has mentioned, ‘in their time’ is the key to everything about us, kiddos.

Here’s the picture of me after I did my big business today! Cheers!


I am potty trained @ 3 years 4 month-old


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