33…suddenly the number looks hideous

I think I got to STOP posting what is my exact age. As the number grows, it starts to look scary. Mid-30s is LOOMING!

Well, like every year, this birthday post is here to haunt and I.AM.GOING.TO.MAKE.IT.A.TRADITION!

Looking back at my past posts, I realize I was THAT positive. This year, I can try to be as positive. Why TRY? Because for the first time in my 30s, I am feeling the AGE! Especially physically, I am not feeling young as before. Aching backs, arms legs etc etc which is why I am crazily working out, though I kinda suspect that THAT is the reason for all the aches. Next, it the mental age. I have been commented by others that I sound older than I look (ain’t that bad right). For a 33 YO, being mistaken for someone in the 20s is a pretty good thing, no? Anyway, SERIOUSLY, what I am trying to say is…I GOTTA start looking after my health and control the speed at which my mind is aging.

Then it’s the mental health of this particular 33. Good news, she is more mellowed these days. Other than being a wrecked woman on SINGAPORE ROADS, she is now able to tolerate rude people, demanding people and terrible service  (tolerate as in she has stopped shooting her mouth off…she just tahan….). FINALLY, she realised that there might just be more to life. Helping, instead of stamping others, seems like something more fulfilling. And, one of the quiet wishes of her is to find opportunities to contribute and help…exact plan? Unknown, yet.

Family wise….I always count my blessings. One of my wishes got to be postponed indefinitely. But I am still lucky. Now, I only want to spend as much time as I can find with the young, the not-so-old and the a bit older. Suddenly, TIME is something I treasure a lot. Wasting has become a sin (having said that…I got to entertain lesser B********* and not hav iPHONE with me so often)

I think I am also one of the fortunate few who has many many supportive friends. I think my life has somewhat becomes more colourful with them around, physically, virtually and even far away.

Lastly, I just wanna give thanks to LIFE. I am just happy being alive these days and to have my loved ones around me the moment I wake up every morning.

Happy BIRTHDAY once again to yours truly and my dearest husband! I simply love the fact that we cut cakes yearly together and not just on wedding day. Let the years continue on and on and on and on….

Signing off…


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