Actifry and home-made chicken nuggets

The girls napped and I had some leftover chicken breast meats in the fridge. And so, I decided to try doing my own chicken nuggets. Chopped the the chicken meat and combined with my leftover minced meat. Mixed them all up and drizzled some salt, pepper and a bit of corn flour. Made small patties and coat them in a mixture of plain and corn flour.

Followed instructions to heat up a tablespoon of oil in the fryer for 2 minutes and then in went the nuggets. Timer set at 20 minutes and voila!

Very surprised that despite non-flipping, the nuggets browned on the top. But me, being me, the browning was not uniform enough for me. I couldn’t resist the flipping. But I’m just amazed at how I can don’t even look at the food when it’s deep frying. Best part, no splattering of oil and the post-frying grease. No huge pot of oil to clear off. Interestingly, given the small amount of oil used, I still see leftover droplets of oil in the fryer, which probably means that less than a tablespoon of oil is being used in the process.

In short… I’m a happy person! Hahaha

Chicken patties marinated and coated with plain flour and corn flour

Nicely laid in the fryer

Turned brown without flipped

Final product!


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