Chicken Karaage


When there is a new toy in the house, one would tend to behave like a little child

It’s chicken karaage day today! Googled on the recipe and just did it.


Cut the thigh meat into bite size. Marinated the meat in soy sauce, mirin, pepper, chopped garlic and ginger. Coated the meat in cornstarch (because I do not have any potato starch). Placed in Actifry, set 20 mins, went to shower and to my horror, at 16 mins, some pieces were burnt! Silver lining? The burnt parts were skin and there was more oil in the pot than what I had added. I did not figure (I mean which amateur chef wannabe would), the oil from the chicken was forced out and hence, cooked the meat faster and hence, lesser cooking time was needed. It was a ‘OH I SEE!’ Moment.

Taste wise, 8/10 yummy for a 1st try. Maybe because its thigh meat. It’s juicy enough and certainly crispy despite the pathetic amount of oil added.

I guess the next time I try, I got to be less generous with time and use potato starch to achieve the real taste.

Check out the oil being forced out!


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