Final post before I say good-bye

And so, the time I have with the Actifry is coming to an end. I have got to say though the time is short I really had a good time.

Finally got the hang of it and tried stir fry with it. Hosted my family for dinner on National Day and did the ‘no fire’ thing. The Actifry came in handy as it was in-charged of my nori chicken and broccoli stir fry with dried scallops. While the oven took care of the fish, the electrical hot pot took care of the stew and the slow cooker took care of the soup.

Stir frying the broccoli in the Actifry was actually quite fun. The broccoli came a little roasted. Quite different from our usual stir fry.

As always the Nori Chicken was like expected, crispy and yummy.

Glad that my family enjoyed the dinner and till the next time, Actifry.





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