Thanks to a certain Ms Poh, I came to know about something wonderful called the Ice-cream attachment. Though not as ‘heng’ to enjoy free shipping for it… imagine my happiness when I received this…


Horror overcame me when I realized that when a US website states that it ‘fits all Kitchenaid mixers’, it REALLY means it ‘fits ONLY USA kitchenaid mixers’. This meant that my Asian/European set would probably never get the chance to use this. All thanks to a tiny little metal piece that my set has that looks like this…


Frantic but determined, I read up extensively on google. A few ways to make it work. We could do it manually like using a hammer to remove the nut and then remove that metal piece. Or use the method in this video, which involves using CLAMPs!

Then I realized that I should have bought a European attachment that looks like this…


Upon closer look and google, I realized that i might just be making ice-cream soon if I could just get my hand on that white piece of adaptor that looks like this…


To my ultimate happiness, I found it on UK Amazon with just 2 pieces in stock!

1 week later, my mixer is retrofitted and now it looks like this…


All ready to rumble and tumble for some homemade ice-cream…. I think…


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