I (I mean the blog) am still alive

Yep I’m still alive… Or rather, this blog.

Many occasions (uncountable) I wanted to type furiously on my macbook to update this half-dead blog or just use the app to do a quick update. Somehow, I’m always interrupted by calls, messages, drama, kids and many other randoms. When I got to sit down and have some time, the blogging ‘feel’ is gone.

I reckon this lack of motivation has got to do with inspiration. I wanna blog all about the kids, but actually our daily lives are pretty routine. Even if its something interesting, a Fb quick update will do the trick. Then I wanna blog about politics, I realise it will only get me negative. I wanna blog about life but i figure my life experiences are still too little to worth a blog. My job has lotsa things for me to blog about, but that lacks professionalism (anyway, I have another existing domain that will cover this) I don’t cook or bake that much now, simply because my wonderful maid is gone. I hate post-cook/bake cleaning. Period.

So what am I gonna do with this blog? Still figuring. Meanwhile, I think I will attempt a one-entry-per-week thing. Just random things perhaps. After all, I kinda like the unpredictable these days. Serendipity, remember?


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