How livable is Singapore…

Today I wonder why I am still living here when

1. A merc driven by. Peranakan tai tai wanted to snatch a parking lot that I have been waiting for 10 minutes

2. I was almost run over by a blue can at a zebra crossing… I actually made sure that he stopped but he just stepped on his acelerator when I was walking.. Should have taken down his number.

3. Everyone was just waiting for some magic finger to press that button to close the freaking door in a lift.

4. Cars honked at you the milli-second traffic light turns green, expecting you to react that millisecond

5. I was fretting over my girls’ proficiency on mother tongue and planning how to help them while driving on super congested Rochor road. At the same time questioning, why can’t my children develop their strengths at their own pace and interest level. Cant every child has their OWN FRAMEWORK?? Speaking of which, I love their ang moh accented Chinese anyway and I’m proud of big Kay for overcoming her fear for Chinese!

Yes I know. We do not need to worry about high crimes rates and the what-so-ever and how-so-ever. But I really think this place can do better with nicer people.


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