Yeppie! Holiday! Ahoy!

Yeah! 12 more hours to Cruise! Packing is taking a loooooooooooong loooooooong time because this would be our first time on a cruise so we have no idea what to expect. We ended up packing our stuff in the huge 30″ luggage, an upgrade from the original 24″. See the clutch and polka dot dress? There’s supposed to be a gala dinner and we are supposed to be in cocktail dress *pengz* I hope they won’t reject the girls’ entry. I don’t think I will be packing any cocktail dress for them *boo hoo*


After close to 2 hours of packing, I am suffering from insomnia. Why? Because I think I am suffering from a little bit of panic attack. Firstly, as mentioned, this would be our first time on a cruise, almost clueless on what to expect. Furthermore, we will be docking at Penang, a place we have never been too. I really hate travelling with almost zero research be it a 6-hour dock or a few days of day. So now I am actually doing a last minute research on which mall to go to. Yes, you have read it right. We will be parking ourselves at a mall for 6 hours (about there). A great pity for I would love to explore the streets of Penang and admire the murals. Not forgetting the street food that’s supposed to be renowned. What to do when you are with a pretty huge entourage. I am not sure if I want to do the touristy thing of tagging along with tours organised by the cruise. Anyway, ultimate decision lies with the man and the OLD man. But the shortlisted malls for now are Plaza Gurney and Prangin Mall. The forerunner has to be Plaza Gurney for its longer list of food and beverage outlets and the supposely good food street next door.

Then, we will also dock at Phuket. A place that we last visited 5 years ago straight after our wedding. Fond memories but recollecting these memories would be the last thing on our minds. Once again, it’s a decision between two malls -JungCeylon Mall or Central Festival. Apparently, Central Festival is supposed to be good but pretty away from the city centre. I thought it would also be cool to bring the girls to Patong Beach itself but that would mean going to Jungceylon instead which will be very touristy and limited when it comes to food. Furthermore, I am not too keen feeding the girls along the streets (yes…I am that fussy). So for now, Central Festival is in the forerunning because it has MISTER DONUT!

Well well, I guess more important for me on this short getaway is really to space out. Hopefully, I have the time and mood to think through things (though I doubt it would happen). As for now, I am just waiting for the sleep bug to come and bite the excitement bug and the hunger bug (no thanks to the food research). YEAH! My holiday is finally here! Oh boy, Singapore, I seriously will NOT miss you much!


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