The SC saga continues because they want to.

Well, I know I said that was the last post, but what to do, they sent me an email and deleted my post and blocked my account.

So, this was what they emailed me after I posted that long response to their long email on their Facebook.

Dear Ms. Chua,

We have receive your comment posted on our Face book account in reply to our email sent to you yesterday 17th of December 2013.
We will re-visit your case once more and for this we ask for your patience.
We apologize again for your less-than-perfect experience onboard the SuperStar Virgo and thank you for your understanding.
I really do not like the fact that they block my account (I think deleting the post is fine with me really. I have another account and posted again, knowing that I will be blocked again.
Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 4.51.58 PM
So, I replied to that lady and CC to ST.
Thank you for your email. Would you be able to CC future correspondences to another colleague or someone who is of higher authority to make decisions on what had happened? I would appreciate that very much. As mentioned in my Facebook post on Star Cruises’ page, I think there should be someone who is able to empathize and placate with what we have gone through.
I also appreciate your company for re-visiting my ‘case’. And may I ask this time round, how much patience is expected from me? Another 10 working days, bearing in mind the holidays and weekends ahead.
Also, once again, I think you have misunderstood me. You do not need to apologise for our ‘ less-than-perfect-experience onboard the Superstar Virgo’. We were not looking for a perfect holiday. We were looking for a holiday that was enjoyable and safe which unfortunately was not what we felt during the entire experience, especially the part on safety.
Finally, I must say that I’m disappointed but not surprised that Star cruise has removed my very honest feedback  from your Facebook page. What made it even more unpleasant was the blocking of my primary Facebook account from posting on your page. Out of courtesy, I think there should be some explanation to that. Anyway, in case Star Cruise did not keep a copy of my post that was deleted, I have attached a PDF copy for your reference.
At last, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope to hear from you and another personnel soonest.
Yes, I know I am very bad. Maybe walking along the thin line called ‘trouble’. But as my friend has put it nicely, sometimes, a sincere apology with from-the-heart actions is all what we need. Strangely, no one, absolutely, no one from a listed company understood that.

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