Thin line between life and death

The past few weeks have been extremely exhausting, emotionally and physically. I think fatigue has caught up with me and worries about work as well. Yesterday was when my emotions broke but today, I think my body almost gave way.

I love dance and aerobics classes. But due to various reason, I had to stop my regular workout for two weeks. Today finally I got to go to amore. It started with a 30 mins gatecrash session of hi-lo, then 1 hour of step workout. To my ultimate delight, cardio Latino was replaced by Zumba. Everything was ok until halfway through Zumba, when I started to feel a migraine coming (since I have left teaching, my recurrence of migraine and intensity of migraine have reduced drastically). I could feel my body giving way.

I started to get into a panic attack after the shower. My world started to spin and my hands were shaking. I had to make it back to the car. I really struggled to help my mum buy takeaway as well as my Panadol extra and 100 plus. Thinking that I could be hungry, I quickly grab some bread and 100 plus, to replenish whatever I think I’m losing, water, salt , sugar etc.

The moment I stepped into the car, I was shaking non-stop and my heart was pumping quite hard. I couldn’t stomach the bread and 100 plus and I knew I was throwing up. I was quite afraid to drive due to my shaky hands but right at that moment, the only thought that came to me was ‘I want to go home’. By pure good luck, I slowly drove to my mum.

The moment I reached home, I threw up and passed out.

Now I’m feeling much much better. But looking back at what happened, I really feel a shudder. I was quite afraid that my heart would just stop, but thankfully it did not happen. Throughout the drive I kept thinking about the girls. That was how I stopped myself from closing the eyes. I’m simple glad I’m still alive now.


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