~A Review~ River Safari

Thank goodness that sleep did wonder for my giddy spell and we could proceed as planned to River Safari (RS). The girls especially the Big K has been asking for a visit to the zoo and finally we were able to go. The Mr purchased the 2-in-1 Park Hopper to enter both zoo and river Safari. Apparently we could go to two attractions on two separate days within 30 days. So we decided to just do RS today followed by the zoo on New Year’s Eve.

The girls were so happy that big K had only this to say ‘I’m so excited!’ We started on our journey. RS is actually conceptualised based on the idea of river habitats around the world for example River Nile, Mississippi River, Yang Tze River etc. As the Mr said, it’s like a second SEA aquarium because of some of its large aquatic displays. See the meimei posing in front of one at the Ganges River display.


According to the staff and Mr’s friend, the whole journey should last 2 hours minus the boat ride (which I shall dwell a little unhappily about it). We reached at 10.10 and left at 1.45pm minus the boat ride. The delay was because of the almost 30-minute queue to see the panda (which ended very quickly as the pandas were more interested in showing their backsides lol) and another 20-minute queue to get food.

So, here’s the fun parts. The girls love to see the animals. Especially the mammals that live along rivers like Beavers, otters etc. Big K took home with the knowledge that these animals including manatees have pancake-like tails to help them swim — yes, pancakes, to help her understand the idea of flat :p

Meimei loved the pandas! She had to squeal in delight very quietly when she saw the pandas. It’s so cute that she remembered we had to speak softly in the habitat. They love the panda cookies and the panda bao too. Food at the panda mama’s restaurant looks really good but we did not get to eat because we were rather overwhelmed by the crowd.




The girls loved the squirrel monkey habitat too -so up close and personal. The monkeys would just appear in front of you along the railings and above your head on the vine. The girls has fun chasing the monkeys. Unfortunately due to drizzle we had to ‘evacuate’.

The whole RS is actually quite sheltered except for the boat ride and monkey habitat. A rather thoughtful design for the unpredictable Singapore image.



Now, the not so fun part. As seen in the map below, we actually failed to explore the right hand side of the river which is only explorable by the boat ride. As we had to book our place in advance and there was a crowd, we could only get a time slot at 2.30pm. That’s about another 1 hour wait from the end of our walk. Not only that there’s a minimum height for kids at 1.06m. Not a problem for Big K but small K won’t be able to board. They can arrange a two-way trip for big k and one of us, but I guess the whole point is small K won’t get to see anything. There are certainly many attractions along the boat ride and what got me a little upset was the fact that we paid for entry for the whole RS but couldn’t see half of it. This boat ride is inclusive in the ticket for NOW until further notice. Easy to guess what’s going to happen in the near future. So, it’s certainly did not go down well with me that small k couldn’t take the ride even though we paid for her ticket (on hindsight, the Mr made a mistake. He thought she has turned three and bought her ticket!!) Perhaps something to look into, dear Singapore Zoological gardens for kids who need to pay for tickets but not tall enough.


Overall, I guess it’s still fun for the girls. They love animals a lot and the cooling weather helped. Can’t wait till our trip to zoo as part of our park hopper package. Small k is going to see her favorite giraffes!



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