~Travel w Ks~ Autumny Melbourne

I am really a lucky girl. Since I was about 8, my parents ensure that I get to travel out of Singapore every year for holiday. However, due to school, I could only travel mostly end of the year. Then, I walked the career of an educator. Holidays, needless to say, could only be during June or November and December. So, in th many years of my life, I only experienced, winter or summer.

So, one can imagine how excited I am when I knew I could bring forward our holiday to March this year. I had initially planned for a Spring holiday in Taiwan but due to unexpected changes, we will be going to Melbourne, i.e. an Autumn holiday! (although I am still waiting for the day I experience a Spring holiday… all the flowers and colours) What is even more exciting is, this would be our longest holiday abroad with the Ks (7 nights Vs the 3/4 nights in HK) and of course, the longest flight, 7 hour and 45 minutes.

Melbourne is not exactly a new place for me. I was there with my family 19 years ago (in 1995)  on a tour package holiday that included sydney and Gold Coast as well. However, all I could remember of that place were penguins, ocean, wind and the miserable one night stay in the city. The only thing I could remember about the city is how quiet it was at night. Been telling myself that I will go back again to explore this ‘lovely place’, as many have described to me.

We are about one month away from the trip and I am just having those goofy smiles whenever the thought creeps into my head, usually after a long tiring day of work. Call me a ‘kanchiong’ spider, the moment I knew we would be heading there, I kind of settled all most matters within 3 days – air tickets (which I think was a deal), the lodging (which unfortunately was not, due to F1) and the land tours (which was planned to get us out of CBD due to F1).

What is left is really the most boring, application of travel visa.

Excitement aside, of course, there will be some concerns especially since we will be travelling with the Ks.

– How would they survive the 7 hours and 45 minutes on flight? Hopefully they sleep, since it’s a night flight. I hope I survive because the daddy will not be traveling on the same flight with us, thankfully, I have my parents, sister and YY.

– We will be a big entourage. Traveling in big group is a headache. I wonder the ‘chemistry’.

– The shocker ‘F1’ that caught me off guard. We would be arriving on Thursday which is the first day of the F1 event, ‘crowd is expected’ is described by my Melbourne client. Then as we moved out of city on day 2, I am concerned about the traffic. Then we returned to city on the last day of F1 event, I kind of wonder what should we do with the the lingering crowd around.

– Lastly, I hadn’t planned anything for our last 3 days in melbourne city and I am taking a very comfortable seat on that.

So, yay, I am really excited (and looking forward to packing without help). So excited that I have been buying long-sleeved clothes for the girls despite warning that it might be hot in March. Can’t wait for the trip and blogging all about it.



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