~BBK diary~ In her own time

BBK has always been one kid who makes us worry in terms of development. I have always felt that she lags behind as compared to her peers, be it toilet training, reading, writing, drawing, talking etc etc. I’m don’t count myself as a Kiasu mum but I feel heat from peer pressure. It’s like being in a cat race not because I want to but because I have to. No parent wants their children to left behind in the system.

At the end of last year, it hit me that she will be in K1 this year. That’s why we started this kantang in Berries which, thankfully, is well-liked by her. She is not resisting mandarin, thanks to that.

Then the homework started. Every week she comes home with a reading list and written work. These did not settle on her well. Her teacher even put more stress on me that ‘she is lagging behind her classmates’ and ‘she has to complete this level so that she an nice to next’. This of course got me upset and impatience got the better of me when I tried revision with her.

Fortunately, the time spent with her did not turn her off, neither did the scoldings creat a phobia for her. This girl has a strange sense of determination. The practices actually got her interested in reading and phonics. She is not yet proficient, in fact, she is far from it, but she would try to explore the sounds. Spelling seems to be something she enjoys, although many times, she got the sounds all mix up. She is also showing keen interest in writing, FINALLY, without much forcing from us. I find it rather adorable that she is very determined to get her ‘b’ and ‘d’ sort out.

This certainly brings me back to her almost painless toilet training experience. Very proud to say that she now sleeps through the night without diaper and almost accident free.

‘In her own time’ — a very appropriate description when it comes to bbk’s developments and milestones. I hope I can keep this ‘mom-chilla’ mentality for as long as I can. Nothing matters more than to let her enjoy learning and derive happiness from it.


2 thoughts on “~BBK diary~ In her own time

  1. Most of my friends’ kids are in berries now. really makes me kind of stressed too. My gal is starting to have resistance to chinese but we are also quite resistant to burn our weekend hunting and then rushing for classes. dilemma.. 😦

    • I also dislike doing all these on weekends. That’s why we put them in the earliest slot on Saturday. Then we still have the whole day 🙂 I’m lucky that my work time is flexible so weekday classes are ok too.

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