What to do with kids on a boring weekend?

I have two very restless kids. We hate crowds at shopping centers and the need to fight for parking lots. Nowadays, we realised that there are a number of free playgrounds around our area that paying for indoor playground is a little ridiculous. So we are constantly looking for new places to hang out at. Here’s two places that I would recommend if you have kids above 2 years old.

1) Pony Ride @ Horse City
We got to know about this place thanks to a really lovely birthday party we went to a couple of years back. We never revisited until earlier this year. Somehow subconsciously we waited for the little one to grow up a little more. Since she was able to take the pony ride at the zoo last year, this idea came back to the Mr (yes he’s the one who remembers interesting places). The girls love the pony ride which is probably more worthwhile ($10 for 3 rounds) than the one at the zoo ($8 for one round) although I must say the distance is just a little bit more. The kids can also feed the donkey and horse for $2 per pack of carrots. Only problem is we would end the activities under an hour. But this could be easily solved as the Grandstand, formerly known as turf city is just down the road.


The princess wannbe on her white horse



The meimei is so at ease on her ride

2) DIY pancakes @ Slappy Cakes
We love this place! We went to a similar concept Noob at Jln Kilat before but slappy’s buttermilk batter wins hands down. We like the fact that the place is fun and yummy. The girls do not make their own pancakes at this stage as they are too afraid of making ugly pancakes. But they love to ‘order’ pancakes from us. It’s really all about being creative. At $8 a bottle of batter, $1.50 to $5 for toppings, the price is still acceptable. We usually order 2 bottles of batter and 2 toppings. Since water is chargeable, I would recommend the lavender lemonade, if you like lavender as much as I do.


Order of a butterfly from Kaylea


Meimei followed up with another butterfly order


Spur of moment creative bumblebee


The little one loves lemon


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