~Melbourne Escapade~ Day 1 and a half

Just a quick one while I wait for the rest after lugging the 13.5kg little one around the huge DFO mall (scream OUTLETS) in the manduca.

Touched down Melbourne safely and I’m that relieved. Ks were generally ok with their first red-eye flight. So ok that they only slept for 5 hours (or was it lesser?).

Had first taste of how relaxed a holiday in Australia should be when our stroller appeared later than our disembarkment like for the first ever time. It’s always the other way round. Also had first taste of how unfriendly some Australians can be.

Our Lodging at Pegasus Apart’ Hotel is really promising. Think the only good reason is because it just turned one. Everything looks new.

First tram ride was fun but stuffy. And just 5 hours in Melbourne soil, I already feel like I have walked a thousand miles. Regret is not bringing my good old trusty fitflops.

But grouses aside, my goodness! How fresh the air is (if you don’t walk past smokers)! How blue the sky is! How huge the place is! The weather is almost perfecto if the sun ain’t so bright.

Definitely looking forward for the remaining days in Melbourne. Tiring but promising start definitely.


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