~Melbourne Escapade~ Lodging in Pegasus Apart’ Hotel

As soon as I posted my photos of our day one lodging up on facebook, I have friends asking about it. Yes, it looked rather impressive and the only reason why it is so is because, this apartment hotel is new and only just celebrated it’s first anniversary. It’s interesting how we booked this hotel in the first place.

I went through the good ol’ trusty tripadvisor and saw this name ‘Pegasus’ popping up. I liked the name because I learnt about what is Pegasus, through the Mr and so, I thought he might like the name as well. Then I saw the street name A’Beckett. I thought it is a pretty name. Next, I saw its location, not bad, next to Queen Victoria Market. So, I did the final checking with an ex-client based in Melbourne and of course, my dear friend Kat (who really stayed up late that night to help me source for hotels) and lastly, affirmation from the Mr and my sister, we booked it for 5 nights. (Maybe for the benefit of friends who are intending to visit Melbourne, it was a close fight between Pegasus and City Tempo. We confirmed Pegasus because it has the best rooming option for our big group and the pictures of Pegasus look better)

So, now to share the truth of our stay of this impressive looking apartment. Well, it was pleasant and comfortable but nothing more. Here’s what we like about the place:

1. Location. It is a mere 5 minutes (or lesser) walk to the Queen Victoria Market. We went to the market thrice and that place is great to grab breakfast and food to cook in the self-contained kitchen in Pegasus. It’s also a short walk to the Flagstaff gardens which was a hit with the girls due to the clean grounds and play ground. The place is also near Elisabeth Street which is packed with Asian eateries that opens till late . It’s also walkable to places like Spencer Street, Melbourne Central, tram station and train station etc although one would say that  in Melbourne CBD is walkable, it’s just a matter of time taken.

2. It’s clean. I like clean rooms. Period.

3. The rooms are spacious enough and we got a free upgrade from a studio to a 2 bedroom apartment when we re-check-in after our road trip.

4. The swimming pool is awesome! Warm swimming pool.

Now, the flipside of the coin and there’s only one. The Service.

I guess it’s not famous for service. Staff in general are helpful and friendly. But they are not the kind who will go the extra mile, with perhaps the exception of one of the managers, who really assisted us in one of our rooming issues. There is no real concierge service, meaning no bellboy to help with your luggage although there are trolleys for you to self-service. Another good example is, taxi booking. Because we are a big group, we often got to book 13-seater taxi. The concierge will assist in the booking but they don’t really care if the booking is accepted by the system. Meaning we were caught a few times waiting in vain with no information update  from the concierge. On the other hand, we had the benefit of good service by a nearby hotel on day 6 and realised this lapse by Pegasus. We were having trouble getting taxi after one of our mornings at the garden. We were outside Radisson Hotel and the concierge saw us. He went all out to make sure we get a taxi and also helped us out when taxi touts (more on this in another entry) came along. The girls also received little soft toys from him so that the wait for taxi was bearable for them. He also ensured that we got into the correct taxi safely and even instructed the taxi driver where to drop us. All these, and bearing in mind that we did not stay with the hotel. Both Pegasus and Radisson are given 4-star grading but the only difference is one is a hotel while the other is an apart’hotel. I guess price does have a bit of difference.

Housekeeping is also another lapse I feel. Our tissue box was not replenished for 3 days and our missing knife was still missing on the day of check-out. Not to mention inconsistent service at front desk. Over the 5 nights of stay we noticed that there are staff that you do not wish to speak to for that scow wasl consistently there. But we also met really smiley ones too.

Actually to be really fair, we went there at the most undesirable timing. I would want to attribute it the Grand Prix. We re-checked in on the last day of Grand Prix and the staff were visibly tired and stressed up. Even the manager commented that the weekend was a really busy one. Although they were fully booked, they still managed to upgrade us and put us on the same floor with my parents the following night.

So, will we go back again? Sure, why not? The price is ok and it’s so close to Queen Victoria Market which was really one of the highlights of the CBD. But maybe I will try out Radisson and City Tempo the next time.



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