DIY Doodle Pages

The girls are into doodling since I bought from Taobao a doodle book. And I bought that book because I saw the ones by Usbourne selling at MPH. The prices are really super expensive at $35 to $40. So when I found something similar on Taobao, I just bought one to try with them. Surprising it was a hit. 

I remember speaking to someone that doodling is good for kids’ imagination and writing, so it is obvious that I am very happy that my late-bloomer finally enjoys some form of doodling. 

I have always said that google is my best friend when it comes to searching for things and I am so right. I found some really cool gems. Here’s some of them from




Then upon more google, I decided that it’s not too difficult to draw my own doodle pages and since the girls are into houses and butterflies, I tried my hands at it. It’s really easy peasy. Completed each in less than 2 minutes and all I needed was paper and black marker. 





So, now the hardworking daddy is busy binding these pages together. Hopefuly, our plan to get them off ipad and iphone watching during meal time outside will be solved. 




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