About decisions and time

Today is one of the rare days when I don’t feel enthusiastic about working out at Amore. I just want to do nothing. So I planned to go Bengawan Solo to order Big K’s cake for class party next week and then head to Parkway for my Popiah and banking needs. Probably head to Isetan to see if I can find some presents for the birthday girl (because we are not having a big party I feel obliged to get her gifts just for her to unwrap them but I am doing it with a budget). After that, I probably will head to Dutch Colony for my good Cuppa artisan coffees after pumping petrol.

As life turned out, I completed my cake ordering too early and ended up in Parkway too early. Done my banking stuffs too fast and needed brekkie. Sadly, Popiah stall was not opened to early. Neither could I shift my shopping forward because no shop was opened this early. I was faced with options:

1) wonder aimlessly in parkway and wait for Popiah stall to open

2) go and pump petrol first and have coffee first then head pack to parkway to complete my tasks

Time and money is something I value a lot. I decided that a brekkie at Starbucks (with a citibank 10% rebate) will cost about the same as my Popiah plus artisan coffee. I decided to settle on my chicken apricot sandwich and tall skinny latte while waiting for shops to open. After that I can go pump petrol and pick up the girls.

The decision was met with a slight struggle as my initial plan was quite messed up for I’m picky about food I eat based on budget I have and calories intake I need. However, I realised, this gives me some time to think or rather space out a little. The coffee may not be as nice and sandwich and Popiah aren’t quite the same but it’s still one of my favorites in Starbucks. And they really warmed up it nicely for me.

I guess life often likes to give you small and big challenges that make you think hard to what decisions to make. Some decisions are hard to swallow but once you made it, you might just appreciate the gains you make. For me, this decision to have another brekkie gives me TIME to enjoy peace and some quiet time to myself. Plan still goes on for the rest of the to-dos but I feel that I have not wasted any time.



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