~BB Kay’s Diary~ And so she is 5!

It’s amazing how 5 years have gone past like this. It’s even more amazing how children can grow so much within such a short time. What has happened to the cuddly little things that we held just a while ago.

And so, with that thought, I am pleased to announced that our very own BB Kay has turned 5 today! I blog so little about the girls these days that I feel extremely needed to blog on their birthdays at least.

Our little lady has really blossomed. There are now so much in her that I worry if we have the energy, resources and space to let her realise her potential. At the same time, the many awesome things about her make me proud and worry quite a bit.

Her love to meet new people has created opportunities to feel hurt even at such tender age.

Her generosity has endeared many but I worry that it will be exploited by undeserving people in the later stages of her life.

Her confidence is really growing (we are constantly amazed at how at ease she can perform on stage and strike a conversation with someone new) that I worry it might become an over-confidence.

That newly-gained grit and resilience is making us realise that she needs more from us to help her grow further and I worry that the worry-wart in me will take away this beautiful thing she has.

Her spiritedness and love for space and freedom are so infectious that I worry that when the day comes that I have to let go, I can’t.

Her moments of sense and sensibility. I love the way that she worry that we can’t save enough money for holidays overseas every time she spend a dime on kiddy rides and once-in-a-while toys and books.

I am just so glad to have her in my life. Whenever Mr and I am down and feeling lousy, we can always count on her to give that comforting hug and kiss.

That’s our very own BB Kay.

Happy Birthday sweetie pie pie! May you grow healthily, happily and amazingly.


BB Kay 5 years on


Ps: poor girl has been having high fever since we came back from staycation. Have already informed the teachers that we can’t have the school party 😦 all I want know is her speedy recovery


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