~Craft-y Time with Ks~ Snow Globes DIY (Part I)

School holidays’ round the corner and for many parents, it means HORROR, or maybe it’s just me. For the first time, we are not sending the girls to the holiday programme organised by their kindergarten because of 1) Costs and 2) so-so programme.

The mama decided to be a little more hardworking and started research pretty early on WHAT TO DO WITH THEM during the LONG LONG holiday. Thank goodness for Community Centres, a few days of the holiday are taken up for courses at the CCs (more on that later on). However, there are still many days with no activity at all. So I decided to plan some activities that revolve around the theme – Christmas.

Once again Google, churned out many wonderful ideas and this post is about one of them – SNOW GLOBES! Little K has been obsessed with Glitzy Globes since we made our first purchase. So, imagine how excited I was when I found out how easy it is to make a glass Snow Globe using simple items. So, DIY Snow Globes we shall make for the girls’ teachers in school as Christmas presents!

Spent some time preparing the items and prototype so that the girls will have an easier time doing the project, or rather, I want to ensure mess is kept to the minimal LOL.


My good ol’ trusty Glue Gun


Hot glued the centre piece on the cover to save some time before giving the girls to complete the project.


Little Xmas ornament from Daiso elevated by hot glueing little wooden blocks


Best buy Must Buy! 3 Bottles at $2 from Daiso OR recycled bottles if any.


Marking to make sure that the centre piece faces the right direction


Multi-coloured glitter — not advisable because the coloured glitter will stain the water


Starry Confetti


Secret weapon to replace Glycerin which is required in many ‘recipe’. This is to slow down the falling of the glitter.


Glued the centre piece to the cover so that the girls do not need to wait very long for the glue to dry – they just need to deal with the water and glitter which will be messy enough


Completed prototype Left: not elevated; and wrong direction of the centre piece Right: Realised that only silver glitter should be used. The water is stained by coloured glitter

I shall see how this project will turn out. Fingers crossed that the girls will enjoy the project  and their teachers will like them!


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