~ Holiday with Ks~ Milestone unlocked…for the mum

As promised, here I am blogging about my supposedly-illustrious ‘school holiday programme’ planned for the Ks. The great news is… I survived day one! The bad news is… We did so much together that I think the rest of the holiday will only have the word ‘dull’ to it. Nonetheless, the even greater news is… I finally brought these two out ON MY OWN for more than 3 hours (7 hours to be exact)! So, indeed a milestone…for me. It’s interesting why it took me so long to unlock this milestone, well let’s say that my girls aren’t the best behaved kids around so, my family are quite skeptical on how I can handle them on my own.

So, day one started with my workout. Finally, I had a chance to bring them to gym and put them in the kiddy room. Of course I did a trial run first with only the jiejie a few days back. Both had the kiddy room to themselves. Meimei was a little bored towards the end because she kept looking at me while I kick boxed (I purposely positioned myself nearer to the kiddy room so that I can make myself visible to them). But to be very honest, with them around, I probably did not put in 100% into the workout.

After my very quick shower, it was still too early for lunch. So we made a quick detour to the ‘Goodie Bag Shop’ aka titbits wholesale shop in Bedok North to buy meimei’s goodie bag items. To them, it’s such a wonderland especially to the meimei. This will definitely be one stopover requested by them in the future, I am sure!


After that stopover, we went to the airport to check out their latest Mickey Mouse themed Christmas event. Thinking that since I need to buy some beauty products and hence, could make use of the purchases for the girls to have some fun at the bouncing castle but only to realised that there are too many restrictions. Anyway, despite that, after numerous walking to and fro the entire Terminal 3, lunch. plus quite a bit of spending, one plushie and snack later, we went home about 4 hours later. They were pretty tired but I know they had fun. They were so reluctant to leave the airport and you know it because they kept finding excuses like ‘mummy, I am hungry’ and ‘ mummy, can we look at some toys?’.






These two little girls seemed to be so happy to have my full attention that they refused to nap after the outing. So, they insisted on following to the seamstress for me to settle some work issues. Finally the day ended with the little one knocked out in the car. And I was so tired that I actually took a nap with her at my mum’s. As for the jiejie, she just continued her fun day by playing with her toys.

We spent last bit of the day with their ah yi and uncle in Kallang Wave for dinner and some Daiso shopping because the daddy was busy at work.

So, here it is, a very tiring day one for me and a great day for me as I think I have overcome the phobia of bringing these two crazy little girls out on my own almost the entire day. Looking forward (with a little apprehension still), to spending the rest of the 45 days of holidays with them.


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