.~Craft-y time with the ks~ DIY XMAS wrapper

I was so excited when I saw Imagination Tree posted this idea on facebook. I love their page because everything is so creative and nicely done. But one would realise that it’s easier read than done.

The jiejie slept late last night and was spending the morning snoozing away. So, I decided to get meimei do it with me. I was enticed by the potato stamping actually but I had no potatoes in the fridge and so, I had to modify. Instead, I used sponges and cookie cutters. Honestly, it’s much much easier to use potatoes because you can use the cookie cutter to cut out the shape easier. For sponges, I got to trace and cut which is much much tougher. Anyway, we modified as we go along. For the cookie cutter, we painted the other side that we do not use for cutting cookie.


The materials. Pleas note that the paint was not enough. I ended up using those large bottles of Crayola paint.



So I started with cutting out the shape from the sponge which was not easy. It should be done with craft knife rather than scissors. Think the tree turned out better than the star.



And so, the stamping and painting begins!





We also tried our hands at doodling!


And voila! The completed product which I am pretty happy with! Hopefully for this Christmas, recipients of gifts wrapped in these will like them too!




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