~BB Kay’s diary~ The girl and her alarm clock

Kids are real charming when they hit milestones or when they have done something that you least expect of them.

A few weeks back I bought a Melody alarm clock at $9 because I felt that the room needed a clock, finally. Big K chose the clock and took it seriously that it’s an alarm clock to wake her up in the morning. Well, truth is I have to wake her up almost every morning for school.

So, after the buying the alarm clock, I left it lying around for days until one day she found it and told me that she would like to use it. So I put in the batteries and use it we did.

The first few mornings were quite cute. She was anticipating the ringing of the alarm clock and hence, she woke up much much earlier than the alarm. Then she would pretend to sleep and kept peeking at the clock until it rang. Then when it rang she would ‘wake up’ and move on to her bathroom routine.

Finally on 11 May, being so tired out the day before, she KO-ed. She finally did not wake up earlier than alarm. So, while I was preparing their breakfast, the alarm clock rang at 7.30am. I waited and waited for a couple of minutes wondering should I go and shut the clock off. Well, I did not have to wait very long before the alarm was turned off . The little girl woke up, turned it off and went off to her do her bathroom routine on her own — true to her plan. Since then, she made it a routine at night to set the alarm clock, with my help though and mornings have become a breeze with this newly acquired habit.

To many this is quite a simple thing to do. But I believe there are many grown ups who still can’t manage with an alarm clock. And having heard many stories from kids who came late for school  when I was still ‘social engineering’, I can’t help but feel very proud of her.

I have this amazing clock to thank for reminding me how much my little girl has grown and how it’s time to teach her more about self-responsibility and good habits.

 So here’s a couple of shots of the gleeful girl enjoying her little encouragement reward on that very day when I realised, once again, she is growing up too fast.


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