~untoy~ Beading fun 

It’s no easy task to be a mother to two little girls who have too much energy, something that I have very little of. We have cut down TV time and hence, other than playtime and reading time, they do get quite bored sometimes. As a result, I have to crack my heads over what to do with them at home on days when I have no work. 

So one of the biggest contributing factors to my messy house is scraps and bits of material that I have procured over the years to prepare myself for days that I need to engage them without activating the tv remote. 

This post is all about one of my favourite items around — our little box of beads and thread. If  I need some peace and quiet, I will whip this out and they love making little trinkets. It is also very interesting that they constantly have someone in mind to gift these little trinkets to. Do not underestimate this 8cm by 8cm little box, the girls can actually be quietly engaged for at least one hour and if I am lucky, more than that.

So tonight, to free daddy from their demand for attention (so that he can do some work), we spent a good one hour doing some little gifts. It’s such a wonderful wind down activity (although they kinda hyped up again as I type this post) and I certainly had fun bonding with them, without needing to raise my voice or be physically tired out, after a long day at work. 


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