~Holiday with the Ks~ SEA Aquarium & Universal Studio

This June Holiday is the second time that we decided not to send the kiddos back to school for the holiday Programme. As a result, every day I must try to ensure that there is something in place to engage them. Today we went to the SEA Aquarium. The Aquarium was requested by Big K since last year. So, since I am finally off the nitty gritty bits from work, off we went. Interestingly, they enjoyed the place more than I expected. Happily, they sat at the huge display at the Open Ocean section for a long time, gazing as the fishes swam by. They even did a ‘fish spotting’  game using the touch screen guide. After about 2.5 hours of fun, they still refused to head home. So, all plans ditched and off to USS we went. Thankfully for the season pass which will be expiring in 7 days, we went in to make sure that we milk every penny out of it. If I was not wrong, I think we have visited USS at least 6 times with the pass. However, despite ‘saving’ on the admission,  it’s definitely unavoidable to spend in that place which is totally wallet unfriendly. Well, I guess they really enjoyed themselves, it’s still well worth it. Now I wonder with the expiry of the pass, how would they react. Time to think about new places I guess.  

spotted! Hello Kitty standee


check out big k! I thought it was quite observant of her


little k had the same pose in almost all pictures


and a shark swam by


the oh-so-ex-but-so-pretty cotton candy


so pretty in dark


she looks so grown up these days


while playing fish spotting game


tried imitating the stingray and doing a wefie


missing the daddy



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