~Bb Kay’s Anecdote~ About a magician

As promised to her, we are planning to give her a slightly larger scale birthday party. This is because she wants to invite her kindergarten friends for this would be her final year in pre-school before she enters primary school. As part of the party Programme, we would be having a magician over to entertain the kids. 

So it happened that last week one of her friends had a magician over in school for his party (yes very market spoiling and I am still very sore over the fact that 1.5 hours of precious curriculum time was gone). Well, the kids were entertained and when I was picking them up, the magician was kind enough to make a balloon for Kai who was not involved in the earlier party. Of course, I got to get his card. Kay was really excited and kinda went around to tell people that we would be getting him for her party. 

Then a few days later I started getting quotations and I am working with a budget in mind. The prices were really a little over my budget and thanks to my sister, a frequent at birthday parties, we lock in a more reasonable priced one who was within our budget.

I felt really bad and was worried that Kay would be disappointed. I decided to have a talk with her about this and I was mentally prepared for a meltdown. This was how the conversation went.

Me: Sweetie baby, mummy has confirmed the magician for your party.

Kay: yay! Yay! Yay!

(I actually had a knot in my tummy at this point… I felt sooooooo bad because I was pretty sure she thought it was her preferred one)

Me: sorry baby but it’s not Tricky Patrick. It’s Mr Egg. But ah Yi says he’s really good!

(I was totally prepared for that meltdown but the next thing she said totally caught me off guard)

Kay: oh it’s ok! Anyway I have seen Tricky Patrick before, it’s good to see another one. Thank you mummy! 

I swear I was almost the one having THAT meltdown! What have I done to have such a lovely girl!? I really got to keep the stupid temper in check more, she just too wonderful to bear the blunt of my outbursts. 


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