~Fun with the Ks~ First Double Decker Bus ride

The girls are having show and tell on transportation tomorrow. This is perhaps the first ever topic that I am kind of lost because big K is very insistent on talking about double decker bus, which she has never taken before. I tried my best to change her decision but it was all futile. 

Feeling quite bad that I haven’t brought them on another public bus ride  since our last public bus adventure 2 years back, I decided to bring the girls on a double decker bus ride today, with the help of my sister, which on hindsight was a good move.

Being a complete public bus idiot, I thank goodness for the IRIS app. My initial plan to walk to the bus stop was foiled by the rain and my suggestion to postpone the bus ride was met with strong disagreement from the girls. Now, this is where I thank the person who came up with the wonderful idea of covered bus interchange. Being so lost already, I’m glad I did not have to risk the girls to the showers while we search and wait for a double decker bus, yes, that specific. So I drove everyone to Bedok Mall and we ‘shopped’ for a bus. We settled on bus 168 and ended up in Tampines. 


sitting on the railing – must-do while waiting for bus

 As expected, the girls enjoyed themselves tremendously. I think their excitements were so loud and the other passengers were probably lamenting how bad their luck was that they were on the same bus. They loved their first class front row seats on the upper deck and were so busy pointing at what they saw throughout the ride. 


climbing the flight of stairs that makes double decker bus fun


point point see see look look

They were so down when we alighted and kept asking if we would take another double decker bus. So after a quick meal and a quick shopping at Tampines one, we brought them to the more traditional bus interchange at Tampines and took bus 31 back to Bedok mall. 

 Of course when the whole adventure ended, they were so down. Hopefully they won’t need to wait for another two years though honestly, it’s still a heart stopping experience to bring the girls up and down the flight of stairs on the bus. 


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