~Fun with Ks~ Cookery fun – Banana Loaf

It’s the September holiday break again! And because it’s the election season our activities are very much limited as the Mr is down for duty and I am pretty much lazy. If I have that extra cash, I would probably sent them to their school’s holiday Programme but truth is we do not have that extra cash. 

The Big K was disappointed that we couldn’t send her for the holiday Programme especially since now she could read the school’s leaflets. She was upset that’s she couldn’t go for the cookery workshop which cost a whopping $350 for 4 days of 2 hour workshop. She emphasized that they would provide recipe and teach the children. As usual the cost was too earth shattering to my ears and so I promised her that I would do cookery with her. 

And so we did it today!! She asked to make a banana loaf and so I went online to search for a simple recipe. Modified it a little so that she could read it on her own. 

I made the jiejie measure the ingredients and the meimei mashed the bananas and sliced the banana. Jiejie did most of the whisking and mixing and the meimei beat the eggs with vanilla essence and whisk the dry ingredients. 

Of course both girls still needed quite a bit of help with the logistics nonetheless it all went well and now we have a lovely banana loaf to enjoy! 


Greasing the baking pan


whisking in progress


Combining the wet and dry ingredients


The final Product




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