~Fun with the Ks~ What September Holidays?

This September holiday came and went without much trace as the election fever devoured both the time of the Mr and mine.  The poor girls were so looking forward to the break only to find out that the time we had for them, especially daddy’s, was very very limited due to official duties.

Nonetheless the Mr still made it a point to find little pockets and fragments of time to spent with us, although I must say that kids activities this holiday seemed a little limited, no thanks to the haze, and most came with a hefty price.

Here are some flashbacks of what we did:

1) We visited the Dazzling Cafe for dinner FINALLY!

Toast was yummy. Mentaiko fries too but it came with a suspicious looking hair turned our appetite off.

Yummy till the hair was found

Pretty decent tasting truffle risotto



2) DC Cafe

Because the Mr only had that little time for us, after having dinner, we went to DC cafe to check out and we ate again. Did not take much pictures because it was pretty disappointing for a themed restaurant…over-priced and no value-for-money.

3) Nintendo Wii

And the Mr took out the old Nintendo Wii to have some fun with the girls.  

4) Baking

I was supposed to plan a series of cookery sessions with the girls, but because we only had pockets of time, so really had to do little things at one time.

5) Impromptu decision to go ALIVE Museum

The girls wanted to sing but all of us were nursing bad throats, so we ‘burnt’ some money for 30 minutes of fun. Yep…that’s the amount of attention the girls had for the place and they were the ones who wanted to go. They merely chose some exhibits to snap pictures with.  

6) $5 Dinosaur activity book fun

So much more worth it than the ALIVE museum. The Mr spent the evening doing the poster with them while the mummy went for a late night meeting with volunteers. The stickers were lousy but sticky tape saved the day.

7) Another value-for-money fun activity

Chocolate making at $3 per box!  20-30 minutes of fun!

8) Monopoly event at Parkway Parade

Daddy got a phone and we had the minimum spending for the kids to go draw some prizes in the ball pit. 

9) Art Science Museum

Visited the Art Science Museum for the Dreamworks animation and the The Deep exhibition. I think the girls and us enjoyed The Deep more than the Dreamworks one which was too technical IMO. Too bad The Deep was too dark for us to snap photos and I wished we had more time to explore.  


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