~Review~ Hello Kitty Go Around at RWS

Have you ever been to a carnival where the kids’ confidence was so badly hit at the games that they look at you in disbelief when you tell them they can get a gift by just putting a coin in a container right in front of them? Have you ever been to a carnival where RULES ARE RULES and there is no such thing as consolation prize? Have you ever been to a carnival where ONLY the background music saved it from becoming a disaster?

Well if you haven’t been to any carnival as mentioned above, you should really buy an exorbitantly priced ticket to the Hello Kitty Go Around Carnival!

So, now I shall share on why should you make a visit to this carnival:

  1. You are a Hello Kitty Fan. Or your girlfriend or wife is a fan. Period.
  2. You want to impress a girl. The games are so tough that if you really win something, the girl might just marry you ON THE SPOT.
  3. You want to toughen your children up by teaching them about losing and failures. You want them to learn that it is possible NOT TO WIN anything at a carnival and that it is possible that a carnival is not fun.
  4. You are an event organizer and want to learn a real case study on BAD EVENT ORGANISING.
  5. You have lotsa and lotsa money to spare. GREAT place to spend!
  6. You only have 60 minutes to spare to have some fun. This is possibly the first time that we have heard that you get a reward which is a limited edition figurine for not spending more than 60 minutes at a carnival! WOW!
  7. You love to take photos! The set up is pretty for sure. But remember, you will need to pay $12 to take a photo at the prettiest Hello Kitty carousel. And only the official photographer can take that photo at that set up. Well, we did not take any photo of that because we were pretty done stuffing money in the face of the giam siap organizer.
  8. You have gotten the early bird ticket which entitles you to an early bird goodie bag which basically recoups about 20% of what you have paid.
  9. You seriously have run out of things to do in life.

Now, why you should not visit the carnival:

  1. It is HOT! LITERALLY. The place is not air-conditioned. Its hot and humid. And yes, the price you paid for the ticket was not enough for the organizer to rent a place with air-con.
  2. You hate to see the constant disappointed faces of the children. Sigh, Kai’s confidence was so badly hit that when we went to the Hello Kitty Temple, she thought that it was like all the games outside and proceeded on to throw the coin at the Hello Kitty ‘deity’. In actual fact, she only needed to put the coin in the wishing well in front of her and pretend to make a wish to redeem a wooden ‘amulet’. Towards the end, the kids were sulking and basically demanding if we were leaving the place soon. 
  3. You are Hawkeye. Rules of all the games are precise with no leeway. Neither will there be any consolation prizes, not even cheap stickers. Whether you are a kid or adult, RULES ARE RULE. Hey buddy, this ain’t Disneyland, you know.
  4. The horrid event organizer, Jacky Teo from Mighty Eight. He was the one who talked about ‘a fair deal and reasonable expectations’, hence refusing to look into refunding the tickets. So, is he taking the ticket holders as idiots who have no expectation when it comes to a Hello Kitty event? Now, who is the unfair and unreasonable one? 

    The organiser on papers


So, it’s easy to see how I feel about the event. But it you really, really, really got to go to the event, I hope the following tips would help:

  1. Save at least one of the three coupons for the Hello Kitty Temple, if you do not wish to spend additional money on extra coupons. This is the place where you and your kid will get a nice souvenir without going through any disappointment. 

    The amulet i am talking about

  2. If you are very determined to win a prize at the game booth, do not let your kids try unless they are very good at aiming, or they are on a lucky streak. The games are simply too tough for anyone under 8.
  3. Take lotsa photos and quickly finish the coupons. You can finish under 60 minutes on a weekday. Grab that limited edition figurine and if you can spare the time, go to the SEA aquarium using the free admission ticket and enjoy the air con. If you are going in the month of October, awesome! SEA Aquarium is having the Spooky Seas event. Kids get to find clues and win treats! The Ks certainly enjoyed the Aquarium more than Hello Kitty.

    Treats from SEA Aquarium


I sure will be uploading lotsa happy pictures for the outing. But really, we were over-the-top excited because we really wanted to help the kids have fun a little more.

Oh did I mention that we paid $52 per adult and $48.90 per child. Even my 3 year-old niece got to pay for the ticket and she can’t really participate much.

It’s a lot smaller than what’s on the map

A very unfair game. The toy spins on top of the turning.

Probably one of the easiest games to play but tough to win. Coin must land on bow OR the solid coloured space of the rainbows. CANNOT TOUCH THE BLACK LINES. Kai got one on the green part of one of the rainbows but the edge of coin touched the black line so she won nothing, she almost melted down 😦

This should also be doable…but for adult with some height advantage

This is the one that I felt bad for Kai. She was so beaten at the games that she thought she might throw the coin at the ‘deities’ to win something 😦 when she only had to put the coin into the well in front of her to redeem the amulet

The rule of this game is really irritating. You must hit EXACTLY 100 points…Exceed cannot win anything! First time I heard about this rule.

An indication on how tough the games were, you rarely see anyone holding the stuffed toys prizes at the carnival.


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