Kansai Holiday Day 1: Arrival & Exploring

I love the way the Japanese do with their transport system. We touched down early in Osaka and after a quick enquiry at the airport information counter, within 30 minutes or so, including purchase tickets over the the ticket machine, buying our first bottles of Royal Milk Tea and coffee, we hopped on the Airport Limousine and off we went to our hotel. The ride was smooth and of course, after the very uncomfortable flight, the village took a cat nap on the bus. We reached the drop-off at Hotel Hankyu and made our way to our hotel for the next 6 nights at Hotel Hankyu Annexe, which is about 5 minutes walk away from the drop-off point.

We did a quick baggage drop off at the hotel (since the rooms would not be ready till 3pm) and started exploring our area.

The day was pretty much a blur because I think we were pretty tired from the red-eye flight, except for the girls, of course. So, when we saw, Mister Donut (probably the only donut I would eat) just footsteps away form our hotel, we just got to go in to have a quick brekkie or was it a brunch?



My absolute favourite! Mochi Donuts!

After that we went to walk around Sanbaigai (三番街), which is a shopping heaven and a reason to visit Osaka again. To fuel the enthusiam of the girls, we went to one of the first Kiddylands in Japan aka MEGA TOYSHOP! This outlet is different from the one in Harajuku which was basically a 5-storey building. The one in Sanbaigai basically occupied almost an entire basement level in various units. I think we spent quite a long time there because it was surprise after surprise for the girls.


A dedicated unit at Kiddyland for Mother Garden. I can’t believe I did not step into it at all!




Someone discovered these 扭蛋 machines at Kiddyland


This is basically what she did at almost every 扭蛋 machines we passed by throughout the trip

After the pretty long stopover cum shopping (bought two sets of Sylvanian family toy at at least 30-40% cheaper), we went over to Uniqlo to strengthen our winter clothing supplies for the trip (Yes, it is a very good idea to do this because Uniqlo is comparatively lower priced in Japan. Also they have a sister brand ‘GU’ that is priced even lower). The girls were bored, of course! I am just thankful that the kids’ section has an interactive screen and bench for them to rest while the rest of the village went shopping. The beauty of Japanese mega stores is also the presence of clean and nice rest rooms.


Like in Singapore, I got to hunt at these offer baskets


Waiting outside Uniqlo while daddy paid for his things


My prized buy from Uniqlo at 1290 yen (Singapore was selling $49.90 then $39.90 and now $29.90




















After the shopping, we went ahead with our dinner plans which was to buy take-outs from the famous food halls. The one nearest to us is Hankyu Departmental Stores. The place was so crowded and the food was so mesmerising. So we split up and bought our dinner and desserts for the night. Went back to hotel pretty early to have dinner and slept to prepare for next day’s adventure to Nara.



Our dinner for the night. Overdose of yakitori because both sis and I did not have telepathy LOL!


Kay asked for Strawberry Shortcake and she was not disappointed




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