~Tien’s Kitchen~ Chicken Tomato soup

Since big K started primary school, lunch for her now starts at a later timing. Small K finishes school earlier but we only have 1.5 hour within which we have to travel home and I got to shower small k, followed by lunch for her. 

Since last week I started a new routine. Instead of letting small k have her lunch earlier, I have been giving her some munchies on her way home to fill her tummy a little. Then I take the 30 mins, after her shower and before we pick her big sister up, to prepare their lunch so that I can start their lunch as quickly as I can when big K comes home. 

So far, the plan has been fantastic. Big Kay could have her lunch within 30-40mins upon reaching home and after her shower. I shall experiment more and share some recipes that I feel works. Hopefully this can help mummies who are in similar situation to plan meals for their kiddos.

For today, I did a tomato and vegetable soup base with chicken balls. The soup base was done within 25 mins and all I have to do is to put in either rice, pasta or noodles when big K comes home. 


100g of minced chicken, seasoned with a tsp of soy sauce, a tsp of sesame oil, a tbsp of corn flour. Roll into balls and set aside

1 tomato, cut into 4-6 slices 

1 stem of the broccoli, diced  (my kids love this part of the broccoli

1 big dried scallop (optional)


  1. Bring 900 ml of water to a boil (I use more water because my kids do not take very strong taste)
  2. Add tomato, broccoli stem and the scallop and boil for abour 20 mins.
  3. Add the chicken balls into the soup and boil until they float to the surface of the soup, about 8-10mins.
  4. Set the soup aside and later, can add rice, noodles or pasta according to preference. 

Please note that there’s no need to add any seasoning into the soup because the saltiness and sweetness will come from the tomato and broccoli.  Carrots and radish can be added to increase the sweetness. I add a little seasoning to the chicken and by doing so the soup will gain a bit of flavour from the meat as well.

Here’s the completed soup and the ramen version. 


The pot of goodness


Ramen style



someone likes the soup so much that she is adding more


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