~Bb Kay’s Diary~ Sleeping all by myself 

Big day for the big girl, yet again. From four of us camping in the master bed room, to camping in the kids’ room, back to camping in the master bedroom and finally big K moving into the kids’ room with daddy. All this while, the girls would always need one of us to sleep in with them. 

Today, our dear big K made a life changing announcement that she would fall asleep on her own without anyone accompanying her. We took her word very lightly but like her past declarations, she did it! After tucking her in bed, we left her alone in the room. Checked on her 20 mins later and there she was, sound asleep. 

Proud as I may be, my heart still felt a little ache. My baby is growing up too fast and furious and I am still not quite ready for such big changes. 


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