~Fun with the Ks~ Muji Yourself Stamp it! 

Call me a Scrooge but I am really finding more difficult to have fun with the Ks without spending some monies. So when I chance upon any thrill that does not burn a big hole in my pockets,  I will be over the moon. So, one can imagine my pure glee when I spent $3.20 for a good 15-30 minutes of fun with the girls. 

The stingy me walked into Muji Bugis to browse through their offer items and I thought  I hit jackpot when I managed to buy a nice top at a discount of 70%. Then we discovered this cool table full of inked stamps! The girls started to play with the stamps on the notebook that was already there. Seeing that the stamps are so adorable and that we had to wait for the daddy who went out of the store, I went on to buy the girls  a notebook at $1.60 each. 

The fun began and we couldn’t stop! The girls started stamping their names on the cover. Then they went on to stamp faces. 

The creativity behind Muji Youself totally impressed me! Basically, one can buy any of their paper products and customise them using the stamps.  The range of stamps is amazing. From facial parts, to greetings, to symbols/patterns and to alphabets and numbers. 

We were in awe and I am pretty sure the girls will ask to return whenever we go Bugis. 


The daddy also joined in


Not bad right?



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