Official Facebook Page 

Which better day to start my very own Facebook page? After all, this blog is really for all the women I know who are wearing multiple hats like me! 

As I am planning my next career step in life, I started looking back at my older blog posts and realized that I have been blogging for more than 5 years, not forgetting my time with multiply (which has closed for good and thus, all my old posts are gone forever)! 

The topics I have been writing are pretty much all over! From motherhood, to cooking and baking, to personal thoughts, my favourite band and even very controversial topics, like politics (hmmm). Through this ‘readback’ I realised how much I love to write (or is it rants?)! 

I have never tried to up the profile of the blog because I am not sure if anyone would read also, I am unsure of the privacy bit. But upon encouragement of many friends, I guess no harm giving it a shot. I guess it’s always nice to have an audience to share my rants, randoms, grouses and simply, thoughts as a woman. 

So, here it is, my official Facebook page!

And my Instagram

Honestly I am not a very social media savvy person. With La Mariee it’s really trial and error. So I really don’t know how well received this whole blogging thing would be. But still, I will be very thankful every LIKE I get and I hope I will be a little more diligent in the blogging arena! 

Happy International Women’s day!! 三八妇女节快乐!


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