~Tien’s Kitchen~ Hinamatsuri Chirashizushi (No raw fish included)

Hmm the title sounds rather impressive huh? What the heck is Hinamatsuri aka Girls’ Day? Well apparently in Japan, Girls’ Day (or Dolls’ Day or Hinamatsuri) is celebrated on 3 March yearly. It’s a special festival when parents in Japan will place dolls little boats and let them float away. This symbolizes the getting rid of bad luck as well as seeking blessings for their children.

How did I come to know about this? Thanks to J-mart! Was walking around with the hub on one of our date nights and J-Mart at Katong 112 had a small sampling session for Chirashizushi mix (minus the sashimi of course). It tasted decent and so I decided to buy a packet to cook for the girls on 3 March without the raw fish, of course.


Poster at J-Mart


The mix for the rice

But alas, it did not happen on 3 March as I had some last minute matter to deal with, so finally today I tried!

It’s a very simple dish to prepare. I just cooked 1 and a half cup of sushi rice and mixed in the sachet of vinegared pickles and carrots. Then I took out some to make rice ball for Kai’s snack box (I forgot to take picture!!!)

Then I saved the remaining rice for the girls’ lunch. To make the lunch a little more interesting and of course slightly healthier, I added chopped fried eggs and cooked Kale and fishball soup using the chicken stock I cooked yesterday.

Simple lunch for the girls

Then I realized that I still have some rice left, so a bento I packed!

  The taste of the rice is pretty good. The vinegared pickles made the rice very flavorful although the girls were not that happy that their white rice was seasoned. Nonetheless, it’s still a very easy to do dish for those who need to whip up a quick meal.


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