Yay! A new Japanese store!

An impromptu decision by my sister and I to dash to the Sanrio sale at Marina Square was a super good one. Not only did we (or should it be Kai), bought some pretty cool Pompompuri stuffs, we also made a discovery at level 3  – a New Japanese Store – Midtown Mart!


Our haven!

Obviously, the Japan holiday hangover has never left us. So, we went crazy there! The store is pretty big and is rather well-stocked with tidbits, confectionary , condiments and even toiletries (did not take much pictures because I was too excited. My sister only reminded me to do so, after we left the shop). Anyway, the fact that I could find my elusive Blendy Coffee (so far I only see it at Medi-ya), the girls’ favourite grape gummy (one of the hottest items to buy when travel to Japan) and my favourite Royal Milk Tea brand shows how wonderful this place is. Kai was with us and she just couldn’t stop adding items to the basket.

The Mr’s favourite snack when we were in Japan – Cheese Cod sticks. Bought two version to try.


My favourite milk tea brand at $2.50


My Blendy in refill pack! Now they are having offer at $12.80 (Medi-ya sells the  100g bottled version at $14.90)


This is the girls’ favourite!


Big K was craving for some chawanmushi, so bought the bonito flakes to make the dashi . Shall see if my homemade version will work.

And what makes us even happier? The prices are reasonable and they give free gift for every $20 purchase! There is actually a range of gifts for us to choose from- Bottled drinks, udon, soba, coffee etc.


The free gift I chose! Time for some zaru soba!

There is also a sampling corner which was not available at the time of our visit. Nonetheless, this place totally made my day and I can’t wait to make my return soon!



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