March Holiday 2016 – Blossom Beats at Gardens By the Bay

When the news reported that Cherry Blossoms will be blooming in the Flower Dome at Gardens By the Bay (now till 27 March 2016), I was just elated! It has been my wish to see the actual Sakura blooming in Japan but due to my previous job, now my husband’s job and big K’s school commitment, we will never get to fly out in April (unless of course, I fly out on my own). So, although GBTB is not quite Ueno Park nor Kyoto, we just have to get up close with these beautiful flowers. 

Honestly I was a little disappointed by the scale. It was rather small and at the point of visit, probably only 60-70% of the trees were in full bloom. In fact quite a number was half bloomed, budding or barren. Nonetheless, it was still eye-opening enough for a first-time-Sakura-viewing-me. 

Although the walk-through was fast and our experience was somewhat affected by a few group of visitors – the ‘pro’ who would take forever in front of an exhibit just to shoot the perfect shot, the ‘vain’ who would take a thousand shots while hoards of people wait to have their turn  and the ‘uncle’ who die die must take a few hundred shots and at every flower to post on Facebook- we still managed to take a few decent shots of the lovely blooms.  



The girls, did not appreciate as much as I did ( they did appreciate the air-com though) , but they still accommodated me with a few shots.   

Thankfully, because it’s the March Holiday, special activities are held for the children. The pretty-bored  girls did some crafts like badge, finger puppets and 3D Art (the latter is for 6 and above only). These kiddy stations can be found all around the flower dome as well as the  Supertree Grove, and most of them are FREE!  However, because we visited rather late, we only managed to do 3 stations. So one advice would be to visit earlier as the stations closes at 6pm on weekdays. For those who are interested can find out more here . It would be more bustling on weekends with performances and stuffs.  


So, here it is our first March holiday activity!  A slow but definitely a pretty start! 


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