Osaka with Kids Part I: Universal Studio Japan

Here I am, again, reminiscing our amazing Japan holiday. As promised, though not very promptly, I am blogging more about the trip in detail as a record for future reference and also for friends who intend to visit Osaka with children.

When planning the holiday, I had doubts about Osaka’s suitability as a holiday  destination for young kids. But after some googling and asking around, it turned out to be a great place for kids! First of all, I like the idea that it is relatively less crowded than Tokyo. Then I realized that it has hidden many interesting places for kids to explore. So many that we probably only covered the tip of the ice berg. So, I shall be writing on some great places for young children, and trust me one full day at each place may not even be sufficient. The first I shall touch on is OF COURSE, Universal Studio Japan (USJ) – THE MUST GO when visiting Osaka!

USJ is definitely more fun than USS . Just the Universal Wonderland itself is enough for the kids to go wild half a day. Elmo, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and USJ’s very own mascot Moppy are so adorable that even the adults would go wooooooo and wahhhh!

Mascot hunting is a lot tougher in Japan. The locals just grab and snatch. For us, we just pushed the kids forward! LOL!

This is Moppy!

The super cute Sesame Street

Meet and Greet with Hello Kitty!

Then of course we got to go the Harry Potter  Wizarding World! The only one is Asia! We read that it won’t be easy to get into the world as well as to go on the 4D ride due to its popularity. So we resort to buying express pass before we even flew to Osaka so that we could confirm our entrance to the area! The moment we stepped into the ‘Hogsmeade’, aka the town that the students of Hogswart went to during Christmas season, the ooooooos and the ahhhhhhs started again! Seeing the scenes of one of my favourite books and movies come alive was so unbelievable! Magical is an understatement. The Hogswart’s Express, the butter beer, the Ollivander’s wand shop, the Honeydukes candy shop, even a real owl, plus many many sights, sounds and smell that you thought you would never see them before your eyes, become reality.

A real owl!


‘Snow-covered’ houses in Hogsmeade


Ollivander’s Wand Shop

The Hogswart Castle where the 4D ride is located in. The interior is AMAZING as well! Too bad we couldn’t bring phone in.

A huge pity that this is not real. BUT they do up the cabin for tourists to take picture in costumes in. We did not do it because it was way too expensive.

Of course we had to take the so-popular Harry Potter 4 D ride. Big K went on the popular Harry Potter 4D ride with us while small K and my mum waited for us outside due to height and medical restrictions, respectively. I am not a fan of thrill ride BUT the 4D ride is a big MUST TRY for all Harry Potter fans! As we had extra express pass, Kay and I went on the ride a second time! I think it is very hard to resist the fantasy idea of taking a flying broom going on a super fast Quidditch match!

Of course, other than the highlights I have mentioned above, there are definitely many other rides in USJ that will suit those in pursuit of adrenaline rush. Not forgetting the other characters such as Snoopy (which has an amazing feature park – probably the girls’ favourite hangout in the whole USJ), minions, Shrek etc. There is also a night parade which was decent enough to please the kids but not quite as entertaining as the ones in Disneyland.

Pretty majestic parade


 All in all, USJ was a fun experience for us and to the ks, it was  probably the highlight of their adventure in Osaka. They definitely can’t wait to make their return again.


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