Battle against the sun

UNBEARABLE has become an understatement for the extent of heat we have been experiencing for the past weeks. Apparently our dear weather is not letting us off that easily. With the heat expecting to go up to a sweltering 35 degrees, I can’t help but to frown at the darkening arms. My face is generally still safe (except for the specks of freckles that I attribute to genetic reasons) as I seldom leave home without the good old sun block and BB Cream of at least spf40. But my arms are miserably 2 times off the skin tone of my face! So I formally declare war against the UV rays with the following weapons! 

 1/ My $2 pair of arm sleeves that I got to put on wherever I drive. I have two pairs of these but I have never felt obliged to wear until these few weeks
2/ my SPF 75 Sunblock spray! That means a 7.5 hour protection and I love to use sunblock spray on my arms because I can reach the back of my arms easily. However l, hate the greasy feeling of sunblock of any sort in my body , so I only spray on the exposed skin between the sleeves and my top.  


Another brand of UV spray that i like. This one is much lighter but SPF is lower

 3/ My ultra Visor! Because I wear glasses, I can’t really put on really cool shades. This UV protect visor is a must-buy and should-buy from Daiso! Cheap and very good! It basically protects the whole face from the harmful rays. 

 4/ Shades! Of course! I have the clip-on ones and the aviator-wannabe one! This pair is worn when I am having my contact lenses day. 

 There you go! Some of my must-haves to go on the battle to block as much of the harmful UV rays as possible (the fear of aging is real)!! I am really crossing fingers for days with less harsh sunlight but from the look of things, I have a feeling it’s only going to get hotter. 


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