In the name of beauty

Women, beauty, weight and age have been in this messy tousle for the longest  time. Which is why skincare, healthcare and weight control products are doing so well. I definitely have been contributing substantially to this booming market for a very long time. I started spending my limited pocket money on a certain French skincare products when I was in final year of university. The amount spent on such products increased multi fold when I started working then it went on a spiral down when I have children, which, was a major WRONG! With all the time, effort and money given to the children, I, and I believe many women, started to neglect the importance of up-keeping appearance. Now I am at the stage of salvaging. With kids, I can’t spend much money nor time on skincare, so, I am so happy to see the rise of Korean and Japanese skincare products which are a lot more affordable than the French or US ones. Being a huge fan of 小 S, who is my role model when it comes to beauty, I like how she is always very lightly made up and many times, even willing to go bare-faced (素颜). I am definitely still far off from 小 S but well, 世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人 (‘there’s no ugly woman in this world, only lazy women’) , right?

So in the name of beauty and my attempt not to be a 懒女人 (lazy woman), I shall share some of my favourite ‘companions’, that do not cost that much nor consume a lot of time to use. Do note that all these are my own purchases, I am not that huge to be able to do any endorsement, although in the dreams, I hope so…. Dream dream dream…


I only discovered how amazing masks are a couple of years back and only diligently use them from last year. Haven’t found a real favourite for paper masks but I like masks from Étude House, Innisfree and Missha. I super love the red ginseng and snail mask from Missha which is sadly disappearing from local malls. The rose and green tea masks from innisfree and the assortment of fruit masks from Étude house are some of my favourites too. I like the fact that I can just put the mask on before I sleep the night before and wake up with refreshed skin.

Laneige sleeping mask is probably really a must-have for busy mummies and probably not new at all for most. For paper masks , we need about 20 minutes to stay still and it is very easy to forget to use them. But sleeping mask is the perfect solution. Apply after cleansing the face followed by toner, then sleep! The skin will feel refreshed the next morning after a nice wash. It’s just great for lazy and tired moms!

2/ Suncreen

I love sunscreen from Japanese and Korean brands. I have used  sunscreen products from Laneige, Kose and Shiseido, reason being, they are made for Asian skins. Kose is currently my favourite because it is very light. They have changed their Sekkisei sunscreen to a creamier version, still a very good product as they managed to maintain its lightness. LOVE!

3/ BB Cream

Applause to the Koreans for this amazing invention — BB Cream! At my age, going bare face (素颜)takes a lot of courage. BB Cream is simply great to give that natural glow without the ‘cakey’ feeling of foundation and make-up. Laneige BB Cushion was recommended to me by a client two years ago and I have been a huge supporter since.The Kose version was a chanced find in Japan last year and I have been using it very sparingly because I ONLY BOUGHT ONE TUBE! The coverage is great and it is light. It is also very long-lasting. This will be my must-buy if I go Japan again.

4/ Pressed Powder

A good pressed powder is always needed to pair with my BB Cream. And these three have emerged tops for me! Laneige, once again, Analka from Japan which is sooooooo good that we could barely find it in Japan and Benefit’s Hello Flawless, which is very good but expensive and small in volume.

5/ Two-Tone Lip Bar from Laneige

Lastly, my current favourite lip product! I am not a lip stick person and this buy was a total impulse buy because of the Korean show, Descendents of the Sun. I had my doubts how a lipstick with two tone will look. The effect was surprisingly pretty. The shade I got is Dear Pink and I will be getting my Juicy Pop soon.





Juicy Pop (picture from

So, here they are, my favourite skincare and beauty products currently in my attempt to defy age 🙂



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