~BB Kay Diary~ About the pencil case

I have mentioned before somewhere that Kay is not someone who asks for material things. So when she asks for something, she must have liked it very much. One example would be the visit to the PomPomPurin cafe. She wanted to visit it so much that both her sister and her waited very patiently in the 1.5 hour queue. She really sat in the queue and read her book. 

So, about the pencil case, it was also a case of she wanting something. You know your school-going girl has grown up when she tells you brands like Smiggle. First, she surprised me by showing excitement when we went into Smiggle. Then she told me that she has been wanting a pencil case from Smiggle because her friend also has a cool pencil case from there. 

She searched the shop and really found the pencil case. And to her delight, she found other designs. But I was not willing to pay $24.90 for a pencil case. So I told her I will take a look when there’s a sale. Then I realised that the pencil case that she liked was actually on sale at $10! And not only that, all the designs are clearing at that price tag. Apparently it was her lucky day! She was given the permission to choose one. But that’s when she was stuck between two designs. I felt the price was ok enough for us to buy both. Then when the daddy took the two pencil case to queue at the cashier, her face fell. She actually felt guilty that we were about to spend money on two pencil case. She said that she wanted us to save the money and felt it was a waste to buy two pencil case. This was when the prankster mummy continued to make her miserable. I told her that yes she was right. We could save the money and put it on her travel fund (something she guard very fiercely because she really loves to travel). So, my heart totally broke when she made a decision and went to her daddy to take out one pencil case to return to the shelf – the one that her friend has. 

I could have melted down on the spot and gave in to buying both!!! But the daddy said let it be since she was so understanding. 

After the purchase, her face was still down and kept asking and probing about the possibility of buying THAT pencil case in the future, like term 2, term 3 and then finally said maybe ‘maybe when I am in primary 2?’

Then as if her day weren’t lucky enough. At the food court where we were taking a short break, the small k decided to take out her pencil case to play and that was when we discovered that hers  was faulty. The daddy was tasked to bring it back for an  exchange and guess what? He called and asked which was the pencil that she Kay liked? Even the daddy heart softened, seeing her making the painful decision. 

So picture above is Kay with her chosen pencil case. As for the second pencil case that the daddy bought to surprise her? It’s hidden somewhere and probably would be wrapped to be one of her birthday presents later this year. 

Definitely super super proud of this girl’s maturity and sensibility sometimes when she is not at her sensitive moments.


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