~Tien’s Kitchen~ Meringue Cookies

Yeah! I,or rather we, finally made something pretty to be instagramable! Pastel coloured meringue cookies! 

I have been looking for recipes that are great to do with kids, other than pizza and meringue seems to be a easy enough thing to do and there is some science to it. So I decided to give it a try with the kiddos! 

BUT (of course there must be a but) let just say that baking with kids also means plans will not be followed throughout. Well, I figured that since quantity is small, hand held whisk would be enough for the kids to whip up the eggs, but (of course), the mixer got to come to the rescue half way through. Nonetheless the girls actually managed to whisk the egg to the soft peak stage and saw the transformation of how egg white can turn from clear to foamy and then to soft peaks. As they were getting tired, I took out the mixer and quickly beat the eggs to stiff peak stage.

The girls then chose two colours each and I mixed the colours in the separated meringue and got them to do the piping. I gave them to freedom to pipe. They got the idea pretty fast and I was certainly impressed. This was then followed by sprinkles, probably a must-have when baking with kids. 

The cute little meringues kisses were then popped into the oven. This is the part where the mummy got to do more work because our oven is a temperamental old lady. So the temperature was a bit unstable and I had to do the good-ol’ touch and feel method. 

The end results? So pretty! It’s pretty tasty as well, and this comes from the sugar-aversive husband and myself. 

Here’s the recipe for those who would love to try. These pretty meringue kisses make pretty gifts to brighten up anyone’s day! 

Meringue kisses (makes 36 bite sized cookies) 


4 egg whites

3/4 cups sugar

Cream of tartar (optional: I usually add when the weather feels very humid to stabilize the egg white) 

1 tsp Vanilla extract 


1/ preheat oven at 110 degrees Celsius. And place baking paper on baking tray

1/ whisk/beat the egg whites till foamy.

2/ add the cream of tartar and two tbsp of sugar  and whisk/beat until creamy.

3/ add another 2 tbsp of sugar and the vanilla extract and beat till soft peaks 

4/ add the remaining sugar and beat till stiff peaks 

5/ divide the meringue into equal portions according the number of colours you are making. Add the colours and fold quickly. (Do not mix too long as the meringue will turn watery and the shape won’t hold when it bakes)

6/ put the mixed meringue into piping bags with your desired tips and start piping onto the prepared baking paper. Do leave a spacing of about 2 cm in between. 

7/ pop the tray into the oven and bake for 45 mins. Do check after 45 mins if the meringue has hardened. If it’s still soft to touch bake longer till the shell is hard but not browned. (But if you like a chewy texture, you can take it out to cool.) Once you are happy with the texture, take out the tray and cool the meringue down, this is the part where the inner part of the meringue will harden. 

Hope this simple recipe works for you! Do tag pictures of your meringue kisses to my page (www.facebook.com/yellowfacedwifey) or Instagram (@prankstertien) if you can! Or share with me in the comments here! 

Have fun! 


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