Just Bake Lah x YFW

Hahah I really like how many brands are using ‘x’ to show collaboration. For example ‘Dis*** x Face****’. So I just decided to do the same for my new little project, except, it’s not a collaboration, it’s just my project by me. 😅 yes DUH! I know. 

Anyway, back to my little project. I have decided to put my money spent on learning baking to some use finally. And thanks to an amazing lady, aka shifu, I finally dared to touch something called the fondant. And since I have ‘touched’ it, I figured that fear ought to be overcome and so I decided to try to practise. And that’s when Just Bake Lah came about. Many asked if this is my post-La Mariee business, honestly I am not very sure. Had a couple of post-La Mariee business ideas but due to many many issues and concerns and especially next year’s economic outlook, I figured I should adopt a wait-and-see strategy. It’s extremely difficult to see plans that made one extremely excited to suddenly go into a halt and as a result I have been feeling pretty depressed. Thankfully, I have baking to turn to. Baking has always been something thereupeutic to me and it never fails to lift my spirits high after each bake (except when the product tastes bad) I am even more thankful to my friends who upon hearing my project Just Bake Lah, started ordering customised cakes from me. Can’t say it’s a business now but it’s something that helps to keep me busy while figuring out the next step. 

I just can’t contain my excitement to share the pictures of the cakes. Every design was a new try and I really hope to be able to experiment even more designs. Here’s a quick slideshow of the stuffs I have made since I started Just Bake Lah.

I simply get a ‘high’ creating all these cakes and desserts. And I must thank my friends who are super 赏脸 (give me face) to place orders. Not quite sure how far this would go but it is definitely a good distraction for me to be less hard on myself. Please please do like Just Bake Lah’s page to get more updates and feel free to let me know if you need any sweets or desserts. 


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