And so 2017 is here

And so, we bade good-bye to another year, a year which I have once again, lived in a blur. That would be two blurry years already, according to my last new year entry . I guess that happens when one seems to have lost that goal in life. Once that vision is gone, one just floats through time. 2016, I am just glad you are over. It was a huge and impactful year for the family with both little ones started new milestones – one in her first year of formal education while the other a new year in a new school. The daddy had an accident that set the family back for quite a few weeks. I ended my business, as intended at the end of 2015. It was a year of too many incidents, too many disappointments, too many self-doubts, too low a confidence and too few pockets of happiness. To be honest, I am a little cautious with 2017. It just started with my Macbook Air crash on me when I wanted to start this blog entry, kinda says a little bit?

I do have plans for 2017 but I am approaching with a lot of caution. I have too many baggages in the mind. I need to sing like Elsa…Let it go. I no longer dare to just go head-on with things. I have changed. Right now, I can only think pragmatism because I realised to realise dreams, I need to be pragmatic — yes, it took me that long to realise.

I want to accomplish lot in 2017 but it would also mean I have to plan my resources and time properly. So the word , or rather, words I would give myself this year is

Discipline and smile at the littlest things

I need discipline more than ever and discipline has never been what I am good at. I need to learn to juggle things well and I am talking about many things. I want to live each day with no regret. Every minute and every second has to count. I smiled too little in 2016. It takes too much to make me laugh. I need to just smile and laugh as and when I want. I also want to bring a smile to people by doing the smallest things. I want to do my little bit to make the society a little warmer.

I want to make my 2017 different. I need to make that happen….




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