My blessings…my girls 

My two royal highnesses (we avoid calling them that actually) give me daily hair pulling and over-the-top yelling moments almost on a daily basis. But I am realizing  that these moments are starting to decrease. I attribute this sudden decrease to 3 reasons: 1/ my threshold has increased 2/ both of them have really grown up and 3/ I finally found ways to manage??? Perhaps I am finally seeing the light of the tunnel named — parenthood? 

For this post (after a long break, again), I wanted to grouse about my hair-pulling moments and maybe write one of those funny posts about parenthood that often trend on the social media. But as I was browsing through the camera roll to look for recent pictures of the girls depicting those moments, I found myself smiling at pictures that show the angelic sides of them instead! It’s pretty amazing how perspectives can change. So, o decided to write about how much of a blessings my girls are to us. 

1/ They are easily satisfied when it comes to food 

Depends on how one sees it, I personally finds it easy to feed these two girls. Big K only eat certain types of food and small K eats (almost) everything. So basically I just need to prepare what big K likes to eat, small K will eat. Both snacks a lot so when we are home, I just need to stock up the fridge with milk and some chocolates they basically will leave me alone and settle their own snack time. 

2/ They can self-entertained without TV and Digital gadgets 

Big K has been amazing this year. She can finally go without Tv for one full day. Even when she’s at my mum’s she would asked me if TV were allowed after she has finished her work. But of course to ‘compensate’ her, she will get TV time over the weekends. So when she’s is free, she will just read, practice her piano or play with her sister. Small K, on the other hand, still needs her daily weekday TV time in the morning and after school (before we pick her sister from school). But after that daily dose of screen time, she will not ask for TV again. I think by the time she moves into primary one, like her sister, her screen time would reduce. When she doesn’t watch tv and after she finishes her work, she will self-entertain by drawing or role-play. 

3/ They are really funny children 

I think we are blessed because we have kids who do not like to make us angry. In fact they enjoy making us laugh and smile. So, other than giving us all the screaming moments, the things they say and their crazy antics really make our day.

4/ They are starting to chip in when it comes to house chores. 

I wished I have captured how big K tidies up her room. When she’s in the mood, she really does it very well and I mean spick and span kind. Small k has taken a liking to washing dishes after a meal and sweeping the floor. But they freaked out when I sounded them out for toilet washing 😅

4/ They laugh and cry with you 

This was taken when small K watched an episode of some Chinese drama with me. The male lead died and her whole face turned solemn and her nose and face started to turn red. The mummy was crying like a baby as well.

5/ They work well with routine

This picture pretty much summarizes their afternoons after school. Even when they are at their grandma’s, work will be packed and they are expected to complete work given. I’m no Tiger mum, I don’t scold them if they do wrongly. I give a star for every page completed. So far, both haven’t given me big issues when it comes to assessment books. Big K is very adorable. She said that she would rather do the books than to go tuition. In fact I think they  enjoy the routine. I suspect it’s because I will stay in the room with them as they do their work and sometimes we will chit chat and simply spend time with each other. Honestly I hate the marking, I always forget to follow up. But if they are not complaining, why should I? 

So, here they are, my girls, my blessings, when they decide to be charming. These little moments shall momentarily make me stop wanting  to breathe fire at them when they really push their limits (such as lunch time, the screams, the sibling fights, day dreaming and the endless demands), I hope. 

Ps: I seriously hope I won’t jinx myself for writing this *fingers crossed*


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