About the Yellow-Faced Wifey

I am just a pretty normal woman (I’d actually wanted to write GIRL) who is very new to her chapters of life. Never expected that I would be happily married to a wonderful hubby and a new mother to a bubbly little girl (two now, actually). Till now, I still find my life pretty surreal especially the part on ME becoming a mum.

Why yellow-faced wife? Well, just do a direct chinese translation! 黄脸婆!Chose this not because of the term but because, my hubby’s surname is 黄(yellow) and I am his 老婆(wife), it’s that simple!

It has been a few years since I quit my full time job to be a mumpreneur. I split my typical week between running a wedding gown rental business and taking care of my 2 Ks. This gives me the flexibility of time that I could use to spend time with my sweetie girls while still keeping in touch with the outside world.

I will also be embarking on new frontiers in the coming years ahead, mainly to pursue my interests – baking and cooking as well as lifestyle beauty. Education and youths have always been close to my heart and so, I would like to dabble a little in that as well.

As my big K ventures into the local Singapore education arena, I am sure life will be even more challenging than before.

I certainly hope that this blog is a platform for me to not only to share thoughts and random ideas but also a way for me to document the growing fun and pains of the Ks. Not only that, I hope this little diary of mine can be a source of information and support to women in general.





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