Mother-Daughter Bonding @ 1Gravity

And so, we are in the last few days of the year-end holiday. To be honest, I am dreading the end, big time, because it is back to the same routine again for another year. I think we have been slacking to much since we came back from Japan so, with just a few days left of the holiday, I decided to make full use of it to really have some fun with the girls.

Today, after a movie date with the girls, I decided to try my luck at getting a haircut appointment with my hairstylist (and friend) of many many years, Ricky, at his new swanky salon, 1Gravity, for both big K and myself. And yes, we were lucky to get ourselves a slot in the afternoon and Big K was treated to her first salon experience.

This little girl totally enjoyed herself. She did her first ever salon hair wash and has a real professional haircut by Maestro Stylist, Ricky. Because she has to grow her hair long for the upcoming ballet exam, we can’t do anything drastic to her hair. So, he did a trim and tidy up her fringe to make the hair growth easier. We officially said good-bye to her bangs and now she has side parting just like the mama.


Getting ready for her professional hair experience


Wefie while waiting for our turn


Happy with her hair wash


Styled by Uncle Ricky



Happy customers at 1Gravity but this naughty messed up her hair moments later šŸ˜¦

Bye bye bangs! Hello side parting

As for the mama, once again, she gave up on her shoulder length hair and went for shorter bop again! There is a really good reason why I have never gone to any other hairstylist since at least a decade ago. I can always count on Ricky to tidy up my super difficult to manage hair. I am always impressed at how he can layer my hair so nicely. That’s why I have referred quite a few friends and clients to him and I totally don’t mind referring more. So, if you need a new haircut or a new hairstyle for the upcoming CNY and are desperately looking for a new stylist, feel free to make an appointment with Ricky at


Tanjong Pagar Centre
7 Wallich street #B1-16 Singapore 078884

ā˜Ž 63865787

PS: This post is not sponsored or paid. Purely want to support an old friend’s new salon ;P